Eight data, one figure and a fact about South Sudan

As of 1 August 2014

1,5 Million children, women and men have been displaced.

Out of these, 1,136 Million children, women and men are internally displaced and 435.710 have fled to the neighboring countries. South Sudan also hosts 242.239 refugees from other countries.

Closed to 600.000 of the displaced are children.

According to UNHCR the expected number of refugees will rise up to 715.000 children, women and men.

The IPC has predicted more than 3,9 Million people (34% of population) would face emergency or crisis levels of food insecurity. There are warnings of possible famine.

5.499 cases of cholera (including 119 deaths) had been reported since mid April.

More than 1 Million children under the age of five will require treatment for acute malnutrition in 2014.

An estimated of 50.000 children are at risk of dying from malnutrition without the adequate humanitarian assistance.

Out of the 1.8 Billion USD need to attend their needs we miss 982 Million USD (54,5%)

Last week 5 humanitarian workers were assassinated for being Nuer.

Fran Equiza

IPC: Integrated Food Security Phase Categorization
Source: ACAPS

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