Inequality is not only about money

Inequality is growing in the agenda, what doubtless is a great thing. More of the analysis focus on income or assets and are related to the capacity of the people to access goods and services.

Michael Sandel, a Harvard professor, has delivered a wonderful speech at Ted Talks about how inequality could have a biggest impact in people dignity when we move from a “Market Economy” to a “Market Society”.

Enjoy the video

Fran Equiza

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2 Responses to Inequality is not only about money

  1. Martin says:

    Dear Fran,

    Great video, speaks directly to a recent article I shared on the value of ‘grain’ and the moral ethics behind using corn to generate ethanol; when the food value of grain is much lower than the fuel value of the grain then it follows that the market will move the grain to the fuel market, which further exacerbates the hunger crisis amongst the poor.

  2. Marta says:

    Muy interesante y muy cierto. Hay que tenerlo muy presente para esforzarse en resaltar y transmitir otros valores a nuestros hijos, porque realmente hay ocasiones en que puede parecer que todo se puede comprar con dinero..
    Fran, gracias por compartir este vídeo.

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